Meet the Family!

The Intolerant Dad

The Intolerant Dad once weighed well over 300 lbs and his diet consisted mainly of processed foods, sugary snacks, and fast food. Once he hit his 30s, the effects of his lifestyle had truly taken their toll and his body started to react to all the terrible food he'd been eating.

He became incredibly sick, even being hospitalized with excruciating stomach pains and recurring chest pains. Doctors could confirm that his digestive enzyme levels were through the roof, but had no idea why.

When conventional medicine failed to provide any answers, The Intolerant Dad instead sought help from a holistic practitioner and a nutritionist. Both confirmed that he was suffering from a slew of food intolerances and - following their professional advice, he gave up all grains, dairy products, processed sugar and nightshade vegetables.
Within 2 months his inflammation was gone and he was beginning to feel so much better.

Now at a trim 180 lbs, he loves hiking, cooking and being with his family! He even found a way to still enjoy his all time favorite treat: COOKIES!

The Intolerant Mom

The Intolerant Mom spent most of her teens and early adult life feeling sick, sore and exhausted. After years of seeking medical answers, and running quickly out of options she was finally referred to a gastroenterologist - a doctor who specialized in the digestive system - and who diagnosed her with celiac disease. After beginning a gluten free diet, many of her issues cleared up quickly, but  she still didn't feel right. The problem had to be more than just gluten.

After seeing how much the Intolerant Dad's health had improved after changing his lifestyle, she sought help from a nutritionist and decided to eliminate all grains, lactose and refined sugar from her diet - as well as a few other foods to which she'd become intolerant.

Within no time her inflammation decreased and she started to feel better than she had in years. Now she enjoys life much more - practicing yoga daily, playing with her kids and focusing on her writing career.

Intolerant Son

The Intolerant Son, known around here as the Monkey, is the firstborn of the family. Intolerant Mom and Dad had not yet made their lifestyle changes when the little man arrived and he indulged in a lot of unhealthy eating habits at an early age.

Once the family went gluten free in support of the Intolerant Mom, a major change occurred. The then 3-year-old Intolerant Son's temper tantrums went from epic to tame and within 2 weeks, he was completely potty trained! He remains gluten-free to this day, but is the only member of the family who can tolerate dairy.

Soon the Intolerant Parents began to prepare more meals at home, and as they learned more cooking techniques, they encouraged the Intolerant Son to join them in the kitchen.

Now in grade school, he is learning how to cope with having food intolerances in an environment where healthy eating habits are not always the norm among his peers. He says that one day, he will own an organic fruit and vegetable market!

Intolerant Daughter

The Intolerant Daughter, known to her family as The Ladybug, is the youngest member of the group. She was born after the family went gluten and dairy free - but before their complete shift to whole foods.

Over time, through much trial and error, we learned that she has the same intolerance to dairy, grains and nightshades as her Intolerant Dad.

But she hasn't let her food limitations get her down - a natural clown and social butterly, she loves being in the centre of everything.

She is never happier than when helping out around the house and learning new cooking techniques and she is quickly becoming a star in the kitchen!

Her favorite thing to cook is scrambled eggs - we go through about 2 dozen per week - and at 4 years old, she has even created her very own Mashed Sweet Potato recipe!